What People Are Saying

About French Affaires Weekly article “More Than a Museum”:

“Thanks for the informative update. My wife and I treasure our Paris trips and you certainly captured the magic we felt on each of our visits. Thanks again for allowing me to experience France through an experienced eye.” – Dana J.

About French Affaires Weekly:

“Bonjour, Elizabeth – I have learned so much from you in the ten days since I signed up for your weekly e-mail. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for being so polished and thorough.” – Tim M.

About “Cuisine, Culture and Conversation: An Evening in Provence”:

Evening in Provence”I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a terrific time my friend Christina and I had at your Cuisine, Culture and Conversation: An Evening in Provence. On the ride home we were giddy with the excitement of experiencing a truly nourishing, unique and fun mom’s night out. You did a terrific job in whetting our appetites for a near-future trip to Provence, and you really helped us feel like we were there through our eyes and ears. I just loved hearing you speak French so melodically…the surprise almond treats [calissons from Provence] were just one more delight to send us over the edge of pleasure overload. It was a magical evening and we can’t wait for your next event.” – Monica P.

About French Affaires “Gourmet Paris” trip in December 2008:

“I am sorry to be so tardy in thanking you for such a fabulous trip. I have been raving about it to everyone. You made everything so easy and so special!” – Elizabeth F.

About French Affaires Trip Planning & Design:

“Thanks for meeting with me and helping plan my time in Paris. Your personalized trip planning really helped me get to all the places I wanted to see in a few short days. With your assistance, I was able to see the culinary and textile shops I was anxious to visit. The hotels you recommended were like staying in a French friend’s home and a great location for getting through my “to do” list quickly. I really appreciate your insights and suggestions, they helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend that anyone planning a trip to France spend a few hours with Elizabeth to make your trip extra special.

Je ne sais comment vous remercier!” – Tonya

About French Affaires:

“Although I’ve not yet had the pleasure of traveling to France, I would swear I’ve been there-because of my immersion into French Affaires. It has been such a delight to receive the weekly newsletters, be a participant in the Book Club, and experience a culinary adventure through your French Cuisine and Culture class. My hometown, St. Louis, is immersed in so many things French but I’ve never known half as much about French living as I do now. Merci beaucoup, Elizabeth. What a lovely education I’m receiving, and I’m very appreciative!”

Amicalement, – Laurie W.

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