Provence Language and Culture Immersion: Live in France Like a Local

May 10-25, 2019 • Provence, France

Provence is possibly the most beautiful and rewarding region in all of France. Known for its picturesque villages, stunning countryside, amazing coastline, flavorful cuisine, wonderful wines, colorful markets, fragrant gardens and relaxed culture, we’ll experience the ‘best of Provence’ during this stay focused on French culture and language. You’ll settle in to your apartment and we’ll take language classes in the mornings (from beginner to advanced!) and have cultural fun in the afternoons and on weekends. Please join us for this extra-special immersion experience where you will have the chance to ‘live in Provence’ for a glorious two weeks!

Contact us for details and travel itinerary or click here to pay a deposit. We have four spaces remaining at this time.

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