French Puppy’s First Birthday

Spring has arrived here in the French countryside. From the fields of yellow around our village of Courances to our garden here at the Presbytère, the sun and warm temperatures have taken us from winter to almost summer in a flash. It was a warmer March than usual this year in France so everything is blooming in a grand way. I already have muguet – lily of the valley – en pleine floraison (in full flower) in the garden and it’s not even May 1! (May 1 is ‘May Day’ in France and tradition calls for giving bouquets of lily of the valley to your proches – those near and dear to you.)

No one is happier about the onset of spring than our French puppy Marcel. Having just celebrated his first birthday, he was too young last year to know what le beau temps (good weather) was all about. But this year, the moment winter and nippy temps disappeared, Marcel has been out in the garden from morning until night chasing the oiseaux et papillons (birds and butterflies)…Here is a brief clip of Monsieur Marcel on the hunt a few days ago:

Marcel comes by his hunting genes honestly – he is


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