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Welcome to French Affaires Weekly, a once-a-week journey to a delicious part of France or French culture. Recently, we introduced:

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"Snow in the French Countryside" - March 1, 2018
Bonjour from snowy France! You may have heard it's been quite a wintry weather experience here the past few weeks. And it came on rather suddenly after a very mild December and January. In fact, I thought spring was just around the corner since our flowering cherry trees were starting to bloom and the daffodils were more than halfway up. Then it snowed...and snowed. Here in our village of Courances south of Paris, we were almost 'snowed in' for about a week in early February. Then this morning, it started snowing again in the wee hours and we woke up to another white wonderland. But this may be the last of the white stuff as temperatures are set to warm up starting tomorrow. Just in time too as our 'Paris Insider Shopping Trip' group arrives Monday for the start of our whirlwind insider cultural experience of this incredible city!
In any case, the snow has been absolutely beautiful and such a different way of 'seeing the French countryside' so I thought I'd share a virtual 'walking tour' of our French village and environs covered in the blankets of white. You can just imagine the peaceful silence accompanying the images. And our sweet French dog Marcel adores la neige - he can hardly wait to go outside and start eating the white powder. You'll see him playing in his winter amusement park, aka my French garden... So grab your coat and ear muffs, and let's take a snowy walk in the French countryside!


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